Welcome to the tour!

Welcome to the Nelson Mural Tour! Composed of over 40 murals spread out across the grogeous streets of Nelson, British Columbia and offering an audio guided experience enhanced with visual and social content, this tour is a wonderful activity and insightful companion rolled into one. A couple pointers before you begin:

1) To enjoy the live audio experience, make sure your phone is unlocked and you are on the app when you visit murals. If it is locked or you were busy doing something else on it, simply open up the mural's point and play the audio from there.

2) Inside the points you'll also find progress pictures from the murals' painting, text descriptions of the artists, and links to their socials. Be sure to check out your favourite artists' other work! There's so many talented individuals who have contributed to this experience.

3) Make sure you set location services to "always" and have push notifications enabled. This allows us to deliver the best possible experience to you for this tour.